Would You Like Media Attention on Your Facility?
by Monique Nelson on May 17th, 2011

Have you heard about the aquatics facility in the UK that is being heated thanks to a nearby Crematorium?

Probably. It has been all over the news, internet and social scene for months now. Everyone from the BBC to groups on LinkedIn have been discussing this topic, over and over again.

I first came across the story back in January of this year, and it still leads many of the pool industry news feeds. The funny thing is, this is not the first or only pool to transfer the heat a crematorium generates to warm up their pool water. Its not even the only industry that does it! Funeral homes recycle the heat within their facility; towns around the world recycle the heat to reduce their cities CO2 emissions; and now, swimming pools are using this type of heat as well.

It is a great idea, and obviously very newsworthy. But if the practice of recycling heat has been used before, why is this one swimming pool getting so much press!? And wouldn't you love to have that sort of media attention poured all over your facility?

Would you like to know the secret?

They publicized the "weirdness" factor and put a positive spin on it. Anything with enough "Huh!?" to it can catch attention like wildfire and, with the right tools, will spread just as fast.

What's weird about your facility? How can you spin it? Who can you tell?

Alternatively, what's normal about your facility that you can spin to sound a bit crazy and exciting?

You can take just about any story and make it incredible. That's the fun part!

From there, you have to start telling people. Write a letter to your local newspaper. Spread the news via Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. Get the community to make a video. Create an event around the news. Make it into an "Urban Myth" that everyone is whispering about.

For example:

Did you know that, around the world, there are multiple celebrities whose pools are kept warm and efficient by the power of liquid pool covers? I can't tell you who they are - confidentiality, you know - but it is the truth. Athletes, movie stars, corporate CEOs - they are all going green with their swimming pools by using Heatsavr...

And you can be just like them. Go green like a famous Hollywood director, and save money while you're at it. You can also save a tonne of water and make life a lot easier on your staff, but the really exciting piece of news here is that there are famous people doing this exact thing. Do you want in?

Now, obviously that is a sales pitch. But you can do the very same thing for your facility! Why is your center different, better, more unique and forward thinking than anyone else's facility? Why would it be REALLY cool to come to your center? Figure it out, and start talking about it. Media loves a story.

I get a lot of neat ideas from a site called "Help a Reporter Out." If you become a source, you will receive a daily email listing all the reporters in North America and the stories they are looking for. Not only is this a great "thinking cap" but it also gives you a built-in audience to send a pitch to if you have an idea that would work for them.

Its time your facility started making the news. Good luck and have fun!

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