Are You Following the "Group" Mentality?
by Monique Nelson on June 7th, 2011

You've heard the saying, "jump on the bandwagon," right? It has somewhat of a negative connotation - like you are doing something just because someone else, or a group of someone elses, are doing it. It indicates that you aren't thinking for yourself.

But...for many of our day to day decisions, that is just what we do. We follow the leader. We relax in the current of movement that directs us without giving too much thought to it.

We are all very afraid of hearing that we might be "behind the times" without realizing it.

Well, I can tell you with complete confidence that the Pool Industry - as a whole - is a very impressive leader on the "social media" trail.

Now, I know a LOT of commercial facility owners and operator's are still of the opinion that their clients aren't on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Well, those believers are missing out on a huge audience: over 30% of the population of the USA have Facebook accounts, Twitter shares news faster than Fox, ABC, CBS or NBC, and there are over 20 million LinkedIn accounts for USA members alone.

You truly have fellow colleagues who think that their clients are NOWHERE within those statistics. You are making use of the FREE online marketing though, right?

I was on my LinkedIn account this morning and I am consistently amazed at the discussion within the industry groups. For example, the "Commercial Pools" group has over 100 members and pages of involved discussions that could help your facility improve maintenance, reduce risk or increase their repeat business.

The "Sustainable Pools" group has stories and solutions for reducing humidity (a LOT) and saving energy. There is even a group dedicated only to "YMCA" facilities. I can guarantee there are many, many more groups that you would find very helpful.

On Facebook I have seen facilities post pictures of their members having a great time - what a persuasive way to promote the "fun factor" of your business! It is also a fantastic way to promote any events that you may be hosting. At no cost, of course. On our Facebook page, I have pictures of our "mascots," which people love because it re-enforces the believe in the safety of our products. If we are "pet people" than our Liquid Pool Covers must be pet friendly - and they sure are!

You can use Social Media to personalize your facility and make it more welcoming to your customers. As a recreational facility, being welcoming is probably one of your most important goals.

How are you utilizing social media?

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