A Double Standard in Energy Efficiency
by Monique Nelson on June 21st, 2011

I read an article today that really got me thinking. It was featured in Recreation Management magazine, in their April 2011 edition. (I know, I am a bit behind in my reading!) The article is titled:

Windows and Walls
A Double Standard in Energy Efficiency

You can probably guess the general idea of the column - walls are much more energy efficient that windows, but we love ourselves some windows. I'm not going to get into the article very much, but if you are interested in reading it, you can find it online at:


It got me thinking though. Windows are, of course, no where near as energy efficient as walls are, as you no doubt know. If you have any windows at your facility, you can probably feel a significant change in temperature whenever you stand by a window.

If you happen to have an indoor aquatics facility, you have probably also noticed condensation gathering on each and every window. This can present a problem.

It is not very appealing, for one. The reason we love windows is because we love the light that comes in, the view that they provide and then general openness created by windows. If they are dripping with water, you don't really get to enjoy any of these features.

It can also lead to mold issues, rust issues, and safety issues.

Essentially, weaping windows is all around bad.

Have you experienced this before? Would you like a solution?

Well...Heatsavr, the liquid pool cover I am always talking about, can help reduce that humidity-caused condensation problem. By slowing the rate of evaporation, there will be less water in the air to collect on your windows.

Regardless of the insulation value of your windows, if you can lower your water loss, you can keep your facility more comfortable, clean, safe and enjoyable for everyone.

If you would like to find out if Heatsavr is right for your facility, send me an email with all your questions. Monique Nelson - [email protected]. That's me. Better yet, why not give me a call? (800) 661-3560 - its free!

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