Is Your Aquatics Center "On the Table"?
by Monique Nelson on June 28th, 2011

There are frightening articles being printed in the news these days. Sad, sad stories.

In the Wausau Daily Harold earlier this month there was a piece titled, "Our View: Pools, too, should be on the table for budget cuts."

Depending on who was reading this, that might not be a topic of too much concern. Knowing that you either own or operate a commercial swimming pool, however, I am sure it is a story that you can sympathize with.

You can read the column if you would like,

The basic idea is that, if a city if facing serious budget restraints, swimming pools should be put on the table - in the sense that they can be cut if deemed too much of drain on the budget.

As you know, many city pools lose money every year. While that is a travesty, it doesn't necessarily mean that they should be demolished. Many would argue that community pools promote health, safety and family values - things that the local government should be spending money on!

If you are concerned that your pool might be "on the table" someday soon, it may be a good idea to start taking measures to protect your facilities. If you can prove that you have found ways to cut costs - without challenging your service, hours or safety - than you will have a safety line to fall back on.

If you are NOT AT ALL concerned about operations of your facility, you can still become more profitable by finding ways to lower your costs.

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