Do you understand what your market WANTS from your facility?
by Monique Nelson on July 26th, 2011

If I were to pose the question, "What do your customers want from you?" would you have a firm answer?

You could probably assume that they want to swim, being that you are an aquatics facility, but would you know any details that will help you provide better service to your customers?

For instance, do you know if they want more or less aqua-fit classes, at the same or different times? Do you know if the "Mommy-and-Me" classes would have more attendees if they started earlier in the day? How about after-school activities, are they popular?

Do you know exactly what it is your customers want to see improved at your facility, or what they could live without?

Most businesses these days have a way of collecting and contacting their customer base, but the vast majority of businesses don't use this important ability.

Do you have a list of emails for your customers? Do you have a Facebook page where you can keep in touch with your community? Do you Tweet or answer questions on LinkedIn? If you don't yet, I would encourage you to get started today. All of these networks allow you to talk to your customers and find out what they REALLY want. A few minutes a day could prove to be incredibly enlightening.

I found a new tool today that can be used to survey your market, and it is free. Whether or not it will make a difference in your business really depends on how you use it. If you survey your market, you need to ask the right questions, and you need to be prepared to act on the results.

If everyone in your contact list tells you that they would visit more often if the pool was open earlier each day, you should be prepared to re-arrange your facility hours a bit. On the other hand, if no-one cares whether or not you renovate the locker-rooms, maybe that is an expense you can spare yourself. The idea is though, you will never know unless you ask.

Would you like to see an example of how this survey tool works? Well, I created a survey just for that purpose! You can test mine out here:

Taking this survey today may help you cut costs at your facility, and it may also help you make more informed operating decisions if you try the free tool out for yourself! I want to tell you, however, that I am in no way promoting this service, nor am I affiliated with it. I am merely trying it out for my own benefits, and I thought I would pass along the potentially game-changing tool for you to try as well!

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