New Heatsavr Formula
by Monique Nelson on September 8th, 2011

​Flexible Solutions is proud to announce that a new and improved formula for our Heatsavr™, liquid solar pool cover, has been developed and will be ready for market as of Dec. 1st, 2011.

​​As a company committed to providing top-quality products that are environmentally conscious, we have improved our recipe by replacing Isopropyl Alcohol with Ethanol, a Bio-Based liquid made primarily from corn. Heatsavr™ has always been completely safe for all swimmers and pool equipment, and now it is even safer for the environment.

​By reformulating Heatsavr™, we have succeeded in providing a product that is 90% Bio-Based, which means it is made from corn and very environmentally friendly. The remaining 10% is our patented active ingredient which, as always, will biodegrade along with the Ethanol.

Flexible Solutions will be launching our new formula in all of our Heatsavr™ items. This new formula will produce the same high quality, tested and proven results that the industry has relied upon for the past 20 years. The part numbers, quantities and skus will not be changed.

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