The Hidden Benefits of Aquatics Centers
by Monique Nelson on April 3rd, 2012

While reading Prevention Magazine a few days ago, (I know I can hear your chuckles, but I like it!), I came across an interesting statistic. This is not a direct quote, but I am fairly certain the numbers are as advertised:

Prius owners are 25% less likely to die in a car accident than owners of non-Prius, similar sized vehicles.

I have never heard the safety value of a Prius being marketed before; perhaps that is because I am not very car savvy, or perhaps it is because that is not a major focus of their marketing campaign. Either way, I think it is a pretty significant hidden benefit.

Everyone knows that a Prius is more or less the symbol of hybrid vehicles, which are energy efficient and a wave of the future. Every time I think of a Prius, I am reminded of Jeremy Clarkson (host of the British show Top Gear) poking fun of "Eco-mentalists".

With this new information, I would imagine there are a lot of people out there who would look at the Prius in a new light, regardless of whether or not they care about the hybrid benefits. The safety is a very persuasive "hidden benefit."

This was somewhat of a long segway into the argument that your aquatics center has a LOT of hidden benefits. The fun of swimming has historically been a major draw of public swimming pools, but there is so much more to it. And so many markets that might be persuaded to get a membership to your facility if only they knew the hidden benefits.

Swimming is phenomenal exercise for anyone, and is especially helpful as a form of therapy. It is fantastic for everything from weight loss, to flexibility and core strength training. to simply fighting the signs of aging in a safe and soothing way.

Swimming is great fun for kids, and pool parties are popular among the young at heart. But you don't have to be under 20 to have a party at the pool. All ages could enjoy a themed party and if that is a new focus at your facility, you may find a variety of new activity at your center.

Swimming lessons are great for new parents, who want to make sure that their children are always safe in the water. New moms can bring their babies for infant lessons, and adults that just never learned can compare stories of success with their excited children.

There are all sorts of hidden benefits that you can talk about. What catches the attention of one person may be lost on another - and vice versa.

It is a similar story with the benefits of using Heatsavr, the liquid pool cover. Some facilities start using the product because they lose 300 gallons of water a day during the summer months (true story!). Saving up to HALF of that loss is a huge benefit.

Other facilities are trying to get their energy bills under control, and are persuaded by the potential to save up to 35% of their heating costs. A close cousin of this reason is environmentalism - conserving energy will help your facility "go green" while you're saving money.

I have had customers from indoor facilities that want to reduce their humidity and get rid of the weeping windows. Heatsavr! Or outdoor facilities that have a hard time getting anyone to swim in the morning or evenings because of the heat loss. Heatsavr!

There are many benefits to using a liquid solar pool cover - which one is powerful enough to get you started? For more information, email [email protected]

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