How Important Is Convenience to You?
by Monique Nelson on April 10th, 2012

A statistics in Aquatics International Magazine indicated that 67% of facility owners and operators believe that convenience is a top priority for their patrons and that facility users will be willing to pay for convenience.

The article, titled "Get With the Program" was primarily concerned with using fitness and health as a motivator to get more people through to your facility. This particular question was in regards to "easy scheduling, flexible hours, close location, etc."

This begs the question, if convenience is so important to your customers, how important it is to you?

Will you make an operation decision based - at least partially - on convenience? For example, when considering a new product, will you ask "how easy is that product to use, install, maintain?" When you are have to make a choice between two solutions, how important is the ease of application to you?

Convenience is a very strong motivator for a lot of people. More to the point, inconvenience is a very strong de-motivator for most people.

A perfect example of that is pool covers. Even though you know that you can cut energy costs want water usage by enormous percentages, the fact that you need someone (or some ones!) to put it on at night - properly! - and take it off in the morning is rather demotivating. Add to that the difficulty that comes with uniquely shaped pools, or very large pools, along with the maintenance, the roller systems and the various other inconveniences, and many pools simply don't count the benefits worth the hassle.

Do you have a pool cover? If yes, do you use is consistently?
If yes, congratulations!
In no, you are not alone.

However, if there was a CONVENIENT solution, would you be interested?

For example, if there was a pool cover available to you that applied itself automatically - but with the outrageous price tag of custom automatic pool blankets - and didn't disrupt the comings and goings of your staff and swimmers, would that become more feasible?

If there was a pool cover that had a proven history of saving up to 35% of energy costs, approximately half of the normal water loss, and had an average payback period of less than 1 year, would you start getting quotes for your center?

If you have been hoping and wishing and dreaming of such an easy solution to a pool cover, Heatsavr will come to your rescue. It is easy. It is effective. And it is available to you today.
Email [email protected] to find out how you can start saving.

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Matt Giovanisci - August 13th, 2012 at 10:19 AM
As much as convenience is a motivator for me, I am also motivated by being a responsible adult, and that means taking care of the planet.

Personally, I will go out of my way to recycle, or use a compose instead of the garbage disposal because it makes me feel good when I do. The same should go for using a pool cover or liquid pool cover. It's nice to see a saving on your monthly electric bill when you put a little effort into something.

I also think people by solar covers for the right reasons at first, but then get lazy after they realize the pain of taking it on and off every time they want to swim to treat the pool. But will a little bit of exercise hurt? No! Would it be easier to use something automatic instead. Of course!

My point is, do what your heart tells you. If you want to save the world one pool at a time, get a liquid cover. If you want to be lazy, then by all means, but come on!
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