Top 4 Resources Every Business Should be Using
by Monique Nelson on May 3rd, 2012

Disclaimer: I am going to try to keep this post relatively short and sweet, so this is NOT going to be overly detailed, but will share main points and benefits of each resource I love.
I am convinced that every business in the world will benefit from a great marketing plan, and online marketing should play a part in that plan. Online marketing is certainly cost effective, and it gets consumers where they ARE. Where are you right now - on the computer. Right. You will find an unlimited audience online and you should utilize this to the best of your ability. I think you should also make it a priority to keep increasing your ability in this field...

In this post I am going to discuss 4 resources that I truly believe every company can make use of to help build their business.


There is a very good chance you already have a Facebook page for your business. There are 450 million active users - if you don't promote your business there yet, you really should look into setting up a page.

In order to maximize your effect on Facebook, there are a few things you should make sure to do:
  • Have a great cover image - this is the first thing people see, and it should represent the wonderful character of your business. 
  • Stay current - you don't have to waste hours a day on Facebook, but check in at least once or twice a day to update your status and reply to any comments that have been left for you
  • Show off - add pictures, videos, customer testmonials and anything else that shows off your excellence in a professional manner

Local Search

If your business depends on local customers in any way, you need to make sure that when they hop on to Google to look for products or services in your area of expertise they will find your business. Personally, I like Google Places for this. There are many local search options, but Google Places is elegant and shares a great amount of information when done right. 

Make sure your business has a Places page - they are free! - and use it to its fullest potential. Post pictures, share special offers and coupons, list your hours of operation, encourage customers to leave reviews for you...


YouTube is a video sharing network where you can post videos that you have created, or that you have had made for your business. You can post How-To Videos, pool installations, product recomendations, customer testmonials, and so much more.

You can also "Favorite" videos from manufacturers that you support and recommend, you can create playlists from other videos online, and you can share content that you think is helpful for your market.

If you start a YouTube Chanell, make sure you place links to it on your website, in your email signatures and anywhere else you think might be appropriate. Don't forget, you can also embed videos fairly easily on most websites.

Videos are incredibly popular. There is a great portion of the population who would much prefer to watch than to read. It is a strategic idea to cater to both markets, so as to not leave anyone out.


LinkedIn will help you create a professional reputation for yourself. By answering questions related to your field, joining like-minded groups and showcasing respectable recommendations you will be seen as a leader in your market.

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