Taking the Training Wheels Off Your Staff
by Monique Nelson on May 15th, 2012

Camps are well known for their leadership programs and the junior staff that populate the programs. But camps are not the only ones who need to find reliable ways to train youth.

Aquatics facilities often have young lifeguards, some starting as junior lifeguards at the age of 14. Other facilities may welcome the youthful members of the community into other positions at the facility as well - reception, class support, concession sales, perhaps even maintenance.
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In many ways, the youth you choose to join your facility will be great additions. Young adults bring a refreshing exuberance and willingness to learn. They are at a stage in their life where they pick up new talents quickly and eagerly. However, they are still children, and there may be times when they simply forget to do things right, or don't understand the logic behind your carefully crafted facility regulations.

Taking off the training wheels for your new and young staff can (and should?) be a long process.
Camp Business magazine put out a great issue in May/June 2012. I LOVED the personal anecdote about a new driver from the Publisher, Rodney J. Auth. It really sets the stage for the rest of the issue, and I recommend you read it: Apparently, No Thinking Required.

From there, they presented a great section about Hiring Lifeguards, which I know is probably one of the tasks on your To-Do list right now. There is also a great article titled "Reasons to Return" with some ideas that - though directed towards camps - can absolutely be re-purposed and applied to just about any attendance based business. Another article, For Juniors' Sake, can help you understand some of the most effective ways to approach the process of youth training.

All in all, it was an insightful issue. Even if you don't run a camp, it is a great publication to get your creative juices flowing!
One of the points that really stuck with me was this: when you are training youth, give them REAL work to do. Obviously, if you are paying them to work at your facility, you will expect them to do their job. What I take from this statement encourages more than that. With young adults you have a willing and able learner at your disposal. Sure, they don't have the expertise or experience of your regular staff, but they have something else - a fresh and open mind.

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