Refreshed Industry Demands: Pool Covers
by Monique Nelson on June 7th, 2012

As the industry evolves and grows in tune with the economic and social situations facing the world, new demands will be made for certain products, other products will become less desirable, and some products that were dismissed off hand years ago in good times will be viewed with renewed respect.

As is the case with Pool Covers. In their June 2012 issue, Aqua Magazine published an article titled "The Case for Pool Covers" by Eric Herman. It shares some amazing points that will come together to help you prepare for the refreshed demand that is likely to hit your business this year.
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Pool covers, historically, have suffered from a bad reputation. They are heavy and awkward, and take a lot of time and determination to apply correctly. Automatic covers tend to be rather...alright, VERY...expensive. Uniquely shaped pools or swimming pools that have water features have an even harder time using pool covers. Pool covers usually aren't very pretty, and when a home owner spends a large chunk of their hard earned cash on having a luxury backyard, the last thing they want to do is cover it up with an unsightly plastic blanket.

You have heard all the arguments against, I am sure. But because of the high prices of energy and the restricted usage of water that is plaguing most of North America, people are beginning to focus more on the benefits than on the difficulties.

For example, as Mr. Herman and those he interviews very nicely point out, here are some very significant benefits:
  • Tom Dankel, VP of Aquamatic Pool Covers: "These days, however, we see far greater concerns over energy savings. People like the idea of using less energy because of concerns over the environment and they obviously want to save money."
  • Tony Smith, service manager for Platinum Poolcare Aquatech: "Here in the Midwest, the energy savings are particularly important, especially for people who enjoy using their pools on a regular basis. We have a number of pools open year-round. The wouldn't be able to do that without a cover."
  • Kevin Woodhurst, veteran designer and builder in the Phoenix area: "In places like California and Arizona, water shortages are reaching critical levels. Covers are a great way to help conserve this incredibly valuable resource." 
  • Kevin Ruddy, president of Omega Pool Structures: "By reducing evaporation you not only save money on heating costs, but don't have to run the dehumidification system when the pool is covered. We've found that covers can reduce energy consumption anywhere from 65 - 70 percent."
Pool owners are going to be interested in these benefits, that's for sure!
Liquid pool covers share the energy and water conservation properties of traditional pool covers. HeatsavrTM has been tested and proven to be very safe and effective. We share the results on our website, , just in case anyone ever asks to see.

Though a liquid cover doesn't provide the safety aspects that a specially made safety cover will (NOT to be confused with a regular pool blanket, of course!), they do have the added benefits of being incredibly easy to apply, and effective 24 hours a day. They also don't detract from the beauty of a great poolscape, and they can be used on any size or shape of pool, without fail. (Image is from actual HeatsavrTM liquid pool cover user!)

Our liquid pool covers are more and more often becoming an easy decision to make - for Retailers, Builders, Service Companies and home pool owners alike! If you have any questions, or need any resources to help you promote HeatsavrTM or EcosavrTM, please feel welcome to call or email any time. Monique, (800) 661-3560, [email protected]

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