One Stone, Many Birds - ADA Compliance
by Monique Nelson on March 20th, 2012

I realize there is a lot of negativity associated with the recent ADA Compliance deadline. I have to assume that the anxiety is mainly because of the costs of upgrades, which is a very valid concern.

I just finished reading an article, written by Rick Dandes and published in the Febrary 2012 issue of Recreation Management titled "Roll With the Changes - What Aquatic Facility Managers Need to Know About ADA, VGB and More." If you have the issue handy, I highly recommend giving this article a quality read. If you don't have the issue handy, you can find it online: Roll With the Changes

Not only does the article offer a very helpful explanation of what is required in order to comply with the ADA regulations, but it also shares a new way of thinking. A positive way of thinking. A profitable way of thinking.

When your facility is completely accessible, you all of a sudden open your doors to a whole new market, made up of a variety of sub-sections. Not only does it include the "disabled population, estimated at about 50 million people in the United States" but it also offers a new appeal for seniors, nervous swimmers, children, and so many more people who will appreciate the extra help. There is a large population of people just waiting to come flood your facility with new regular activity!

Also, according to the article, the alternative to ADA compliance might be a $50,000 fine, which, frankly, holds zero appeal.

As an added bonus, the author shares a few ideas for ways to get your facility in shape on a tight budget. Definitely worth a read.

I would like to add another suggestion, to help you find a few extra dollars in your coffers. Try reducing your heating costs by up to 35%. That should help, right? You can also add to that lower water bills and, for indoor pools, reduced dehumidification costs.

Sound interesting? It's an easy solution: Heatsavr, the liquid solar pool cover. A set and forget solution that will protect your pool from heat and water loss while it is open and in action. I would be delighted to help you find a local supplier; just email me with your pool size and your address, and I will reply with detailed information on how to get started.

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